About Us

You Betta Merch was created by queer artists for queer artists to profit from selling merchandise to their friends, fans & followers.

We want to see you thrive and be able to invest in yourself, so offering a commission rate in favour of the artist is one way we want to do this. Our service is designed to support LGBTQ+ performers who want to develop their brand through means of merchandise.

Our drive is to work with YOU to create unique, tailored merchandise featuring graphic designs that you want to represent your brand.

YBM was started by us fuelled by a shared desire to launch merchandise but feeling unsure about route to take. What started off as a brief conversation has developed into a service we are so proud to be able to offer you. 

Elliott Barnicle is a Birmingham based club kid/drag artist with more than 6 years of experience in the design industry. He is excited to work with artists to bring merchandise designs to your supporters.

Izzy Hard (Elliot Izzard) has spent the past 4 years working across the UK in Nightclubs & provides drag padding & accessories to performers everywhere via Izzy’s Bootyque. They are looking forward to seeing your branding being supported & expanded as you profit from it.

We are able to support your merchandise development to help create branded products you are happy to put out.